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My demo page

My H2 Subheading Goes Here

Type your new text here. The Theme Style used for main content is called Paragraph 1. The Font is called Avenir Light. The font size is 17 pixels and the color is black #000000. Line Spacing is set to Customize: 1.6.

Example of H3 Subheading

The Text Settings Panel has many of Microsoft Words text editing features. Remember that we want to try to keep text on each page consistent. This is what a link would look like.

Another H2 Subheading Goes Here

It is perfectly fine to have more than one h2-h6 subheadings on a page. Just don't forget to use the Text Settings panel to assign heading tag values. Note: You will need to manually copy and paste the yellow line that goes under the h2 headings. 

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